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Someday, whether you’re downsizing or moving to another region, you’ll probably want to sell your home. Whether this is something you’ll be doing in one year, five years or 20 years, spending time and money upgrading your house now will increase its market value. How well these strategic home renovations work often depends on where you live, so keep your residential area in mind when you consider the different ways to improve your home.

And meanwhile, of course, you’ll be able to enjoy these upgrades yourself!

Here are four home improvements that in general give the best return on investment.

Improve your home’s exterior. 

Most homebuyers are drawn to places based on curb appeal, so impress these shoppers before they enter with a top-notch exterior. Check your roof regularly and replace it accordingly, add fresh siding or fresh paint if needed, install a carriage house garage door or a classic front door to seal the deal.

Expand your home’s interior. 

A number of homebuyers want additional space, within their budgets, so address these shoppers with creative additional rooms. Increase square footage where you can, especially in competitive markets, by finishing your basement or winterizing a sunroom to increase house size and maximize your sales price.

Remodel your home’s kitchen. 

Many homebuyers appreciate updated kitchens, so appeal to these shoppers with quality improvements in this area. Install hardwood floors in and around your kitchen, and include all-wood cabinets, stainless appliances, or stone counters to bring in more than the total cost later on.

Renovate your home’s bathroom. 

Every homebuyer spends a lot of time in his or her bathroom, so tempt shoppers with convenient bathroom additions or updates.

These four home improvements that give the best ROI enhance your home’s quality and augment its resale value.

Of course, this is just general. There can be wide geographic differences; some features are almost mandatory in one state but are met with “who cares?” in others. Consult with your agent to find out what works in your neck of the woods and what priorities make sense for your particular house. When you’re ready to take action and guarantee yourself a satisfactory ROI on your home, I’m a phone call away!